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Life as a Blur

the true story of a bad blue

May 3rd, 2007

agility 5.2.07 and novice 5.3.07 @ 11:01 pm

agility last night - went well. the trainer had 2 new dogs come, for a total of 4. we handled the otto situation (since he aggressed at the two ridgebacks too - its not just rah!) that otto goes last, and currently each dog gets 30 minutes to themselves. so its really like a private agility class :) 

rah worked on starting the teeter - which unlike the last time, where he was all weird about walking up things and where his feet would go, this time he barged right up, no problems. then she had lydia pinwheel rah and work on directing him from a distance and pushing him in both directions around the pinwheel. and then she made it even harder, and had her do figure 8's with two jumps in the pinwheel - so sending rah over a jump, calling him towards the center (while doing a cross to change what side he was on, sending him over the other jump in the figure 8, and then calling him back to the middle (Again changing what side he was on). it was hard, but he finally got it! 

lydia found how hard it is to truly handle rah - hes a LOT of dog, and hes FAST FAST FAST - once he starts doing anything he wants do go mach 3 at all times, and she had to haul ass to keep up with him! he loves this stuff too, and seeing him go over these jumps and through the tire is so exciting - hes such a fit active dog, hes poetry in motion. watching him jump is like watching a really good TB taking a triple or something. 

after rah's turn, he was crated in the room while the other dogs ran, to get him used to being crated and sleeping while other dogs are being active and running. he finally quieted and he FELL ASLEEP!!!!!

moving on to novice tonight (watched a bit of the rally class and rah could totally do it in his sleep at this point, maybe we WILL sign up for it at some point). 

first we worked on heeling in a square for rights and left turns. rah of course knocked some cones over (he tries to do this, i swear). he was so geared up that he was forging and crowding something fierce, but we got some nice turns out of him. then we did double figure 8s using the four corners of the square. so two people going at the same time, so while you are doing your figure 8's you pass another person. rah did really well, though he did crowd me again. 

we then did some stand for exams, and the trainer came over to do the SFE *with* her dog, and rah rocked this. we then did heeling with distraction - we each heeled down the room and at the same time, the trainer would play with her dog, heel her dog, and try to get our dog to look away from us and at her. one memorable moment had her heeling right next to us literally almost touching rah, and she was waving a toy around and rah didn't look away at her. SO GOOD I LOVE MY NOODLE MAN. 

we did some restrained recalls, rah did well, and of course i wasnt paying attention and after he got loose and had his romp. i swear its that his excitability builds up until midclass he just has to RUN RUN RUN. 

we did stays after, and rah actually did fairly well. 3 minute sitstays, 5.5 minute downstays. rah tried to break the sit, and didnt even try on the down. i randomly rewarded throughout it, and while rah wanted to break, he didnt. distractions for this included having the trainers two flatcoats running around in between all the dogs while they were doing them,  chasing things, and then having the other trainer person (my trainers mom) yell out COME! i have COOKIES! come here guys!! repeatedly. then the trainer called her dogs and put them in the car while we were all on downstays, and she then brough tout her cell phone and made it play sonds and brought it up to the dogs. 

SO PROUD of mr. noodles. we need a TON OF WORK but all in all, it went well this week. considering i was in the house all morning with a horrible migraine that didnt respond to anything, i was amazed i got up.
new classes next week. rah is continuing with novice, which will once again be 3 dobes. because we are all working together already, we will hopefully introduce some open exercises. if not, i am asking for some privates. 

i am also putting rah into advanced beginners - yes, its a step below novice, but i want him to work with new dogs and work on other distractions. and its funny, cause it will be me with rah, lydia with mercury, and then two other dobes! (rahs gf nike and his other friend, louis). 
this training facility is becoming dobes only!!!! (the trainers  mom also has a dobe and she brought him out tonight, so it was 4 dobes - 2 blues and 2 blacks!)

im tired. and need to go pay bills. 
anyone doing sylvia bishops seminar in NH?

April 18th, 2007

4.18.07 flyball @ 09:56 pm

flyball tonight. 

started off doing reps of 5, full runs, each dog took a turn. Rah of course went first because hes crazy and she needs to tired him out.
RAH WAS AWESOME. she got a new toy specifically for rah to use in class, and he loved it - nothing special, but its THE TOY. so he went straight down, got his ball and ran back and then came straight to me and LAUNCHED himself to get THE TOY. i didnt ask him to drop the ball, instead we went back to the startline and he outed on his own, and i marked him and he did it 4 more times. NO OUT problems, no keep away, no running all over the place. 5 straight easy perfect runs! 

we then worked on distractions - having one dog running to the board to get a ball, while another dog does a recall right next to them *in the opposite direction*. Rah did very well - then we kept making more distractions of having 3 dogs go at once, and worked up to having all 4 dogs in the class going in opposite directions next to each other   - three on recalls and one in the chute getting the ball. 

then we went back to doing a full run over 4 jumps using the velcro board, and took away the gates at each jump so all the dogs had the OPTION to go around. rah of course skipped one jump on the way back - but didnt miss a beat or slow down so everyone was amazed - but came right back onto course and AGAIN OUTED on his own and didnt play keep away. 

next week is our last flyball class for this session. we shall see what we do next... but im happy that everything went well, he didnt play keep away and he came when called every time. 

oh, he almost dislocated my shoulder. but it was a GOOD DAY.

April 17th, 2007

(no subject) @ 10:34 pm

welcome to the first real entry. 

Trained yesterday since we closed early. Worked on attention in a variety of positions, keeping it for 1-2-3-4-5 steps completely. worked on attention and taking cookies without losing attention and dropping the head. worked on marking which will lead to some go outs. worked on ring prep, getting "ready", lagging into heel, figure 8s. worked on recalls and stays in the face of very high distraction (barking neighborhood dog 20 feet away at the end of her tie out. did some nice close heeling in tight spaces, worked on automatic sits, did some scoot sits for speed and accuracy. attempted a curl and failed, oh well. 

today went and worked some stays again, in the face of cat distractions and cats running next to him, did well. active stays as well. did some heeling, some finishes, setting up in heel position straight into attention. then started teaching target. at the end of the 10 minute session he is already going out 5-6 feet to touch. (i didnt want to increase the distance, but its a piece of plastic and when he targets it, it slides across the floor and he naturally started to go out for it. hopefully i can use it in agility for contacts as well as maybe flyball, and of course for formal go-outs.

Things I need to do -
angle fronts. 
more targeting to lead into go-outs. 
articles and scent discrimination
fronts with the db
of course, always stays and recalls
heeling with more distraction. going to many new locations.

things i need to get- 
full set scent articles, all 12 of them. 
gloves for utility to work on him retrieving them and giving them back. 
more treats. 

thats it. daily life of rah.

Life as a Blur

the true story of a bad blue